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[texts]Omni Magazine (June 1980)

Keywords: omni; telepresence; ihe; space; human; tion; nasa; thai; scientists; giant flying; flying vampire; cardiac recovery; years ago; bald eagle; transplantation antigens; three mile; ten years; space program; vampire toad
Downloads: 2,505
[texts]Best of OMNI Issue #1

Keywords: kress; kinsman; manwright; galatea; tne; corque; anc; colt; road crew; science fiction; undocumented probationary; sugar sang; ian ross; long time; short man; air force; president martinez; blind watcher
Downloads: 7,894 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[texts]Omni Magazine (October 1978)

Keywords: ufo; ihe; space; hawkline; solar; omni; scientists; science; tion; nobel prize; science fiction; star wars; years ago; long ago; solar system; smallpox virus; special effects; radio telescope; billion years
Downloads: 11,903 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[texts]Omni Magazine (October 1987)

Keywords: ihe; jessie; omni; thai; lor; crystals; marrow; crystal; bone marrow; wrongful; wrongful life; age movement; wrongful birth; shaped man; sports psychologists; space art; mother teresa; bill lawren; los angeles
Downloads: 1,187
[texts]Omni Magazine (Fall 1995)

Keywords: roswell; ihe; ufo; omni; randle; schmitt; dna; sloane; friedman; air force; star trek; army air; glenn dennis; roswell incident; nurse corps; flying saucer; ufo crash; roswell army; fuzzy logic
Downloads: 2,459
[texts]Omni Magazine (December 1983)

Keywords: ihe; laser; orlando; duck; omni; thai; robot; cos; nova; los alamos; black hole; years ago; human beings; cerro tololo; ten best; lily pads; york zoological; james patrick; carbon dioxide
Downloads: 1,132
[texts]Omni Magazine (March 1992)

Keywords: nuclear; weapons; dinosaurs; omni; tion; dinosaur; rara; ihe; bakker; rara avis; north korea; difference engine; nuclear weapons; soviet union; security council; big foot; white rhino; virtual reality; tom dworetzky
Downloads: 1,239
[texts]Omni Magazine (Winter 1995)

Keywords: ihe; ufo; hamid; native; tion; abduction; thai; slater; alien; native american; native americans; public key; phase space; mass abduction; west virginia; ufo abduction; steve nadis; matrix materials; wide web
Downloads: 6,403 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Omni Magazine (May 1979)

Keywords: ihe; space; ufo; omni; thai; soviet; sonar; kilometers; soviet space; loch ness; tropical forest; gulf stream; science fiction; cybernetic war; years ago; solar system; tropical rain; three years
Downloads: 3,802
[texts]Omni Magazine (January 1982)

Keywords: omni; bullhook; packy; billings; conrad; guitar; robots; robot; pony red; boss elephant; ten years; science fiction; elephant man; years ago; bullhook willy; sea shepherd; big man; boss animal
Downloads: 1,411
[texts]Omni Magazine (October 1982)

Keywords: zeb; brain; chess; omni; human; ihe; trevize; program; siegel; computer chess; brain tissue; human beings; brain cells; better baby; nobel prize; mayor branno; forest service; chess players; chess knowledge
Downloads: 1,081
[texts]Omni Magazine (April 1979)

Keywords: manwright; omni; space; thai; program; chess; taccon; galatea; von reinstad; static gravity; computer program; time capsules; time capsule; space industrialization; science fiction; carbon dioxide; president martinez; census taker
Downloads: 1,823
[texts]Omni Magazine (December 1986)

Keywords: vitamin; ihe; omni; peter; human; esalen; oberg; pauling; eliza; vent people; nursery school; artificial experience; mayo clinic; cheyenne mountain; air heads; years ago; stephen jay; frobisher bay; computer games
Downloads: 1,055
[texts]Omni Magazine (January 1979)

Keywords: ihe; solar; ufo; thai; energy; schally; gravity; eli; guillemin; solar energy; gravity field; background radiation; nuclear energy; years ago; negative matter; eli blair; squeaking sand; science fiction; nobel prize
Downloads: 1,730
[texts]Omni Magazine (August 1983)

Keywords: brain; ellerway; human; omni; science; teparit; sperry; synchrotron; scientists; air force; life span; vital forces; superman iii; left hemisphere; years ago; los alamos; human evolution; human brain; brain size
Downloads: 947
[texts]Omni Magazine (December 1984)

Keywords: elin; space; omni; ives; ihe; academy; chagas; delia; landis; john paul; kitchen king; space station; yellow rain; space shuttle; bill lawren; solar system; elin felt; three years; star maker
Downloads: 1,077
[texts]Omni Magazine (October 1986)

Keywords: ihe; aging; longevity; omni; bobby; cells; life; brain; skin; life span; life extension; air force; immune system; aging process; dna damage; human life; free radicals; aging clock; years ago
Downloads: 1,664
[texts]Omni Magazine (October 1984)

Keywords: ihe; space; omni; thai; mass; naisbitt; nuclear; city; began; high scottsdale; young people; soviet union; long time; douglas starr; blood lodge; black widow; years ago; vice president; trivial pursuit
Downloads: 1,271
[texts]Omni Magazine (November 1978)

Keywords: connager; center; ufo; human; utah; omni; tion; dolphins; test tube; vitro fertilization; energy beam; blood pressure; years ago; high blood; artificial heart; utah arm; science fiction; tube babies
Downloads: 3,542 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Omni Magazine (September 1981)

Keywords: esme; teichert; ihe; stephen; omni; space; thai; poppa; kalark; pine bush; air force; whip arm; years ago; soviet union; magnetic field; dry valleys; teichert felt; space station; scot morris
Downloads: 1,279
[texts]Omni Magazine (January 1980)

Keywords: barth; omni; ihe; ufo; koko; washoe; science; human; thai; science centers; young man; sign language; national space; science fiction; good life; money order; air force; years ago; young barth
Downloads: 1,337
[texts]Omni Magazine (September 1979)

Keywords: kinsman; colt; edgerton; omni; space; science; ufo; stacy; speed learning; time traveler; high school; years ago; bronx science; air force; time machine; west limb; billion years; space program
Downloads: 1,411
[texts]Omni Magazine (March 1983)

Keywords: ihe; ito; omni; chip; fossils; bartlett; human; computer; tor; years ago; air force; black hole; loch ness; dava sobel; three years; three mile; ten years; soviet union; san francisco
Downloads: 1,193
[texts]Best of OMNI Issue #4

Keywords: vandaleur; elouise; barth; android; harold; began; branley; jerry; jerry fagin; mother elouise; brown sleeveless; senator mirada; science fiction; young man; father charlie; sleeveless sweater; father michael; living room
Downloads: 1,559
[texts]Omni Magazine (July 1979)

Keywords: lunar; moon; space; omni; rocks; interferon; empath; ufo; apollo; science fiction; years ago; lunar soil; space colonization; moon rocks; billion years; mass driver; human nervous
Downloads: 1,474
[texts]Omni Magazine (May 1987)

Keywords: ihe; beatrice; omni; thai; center; defense; brain; dilg; pentagon; channel tunnel; defense department; years ago; national coordinating; national security; great deal; ten years; los angeles; fourth dimension; extra dimensions
Downloads: 1,086
[texts]Omni Magazine (February 1995)

Keywords: pilots; haley; mayan; maya; fightertown; mantan; voyager; omni; ihe; cosmic rays; star trek; air force; science fiction; george nobbe; deep flight; magic sand; long time; artificial intelligence; wall street
Downloads: 2,130
[texts]Omni Magazine (August 1979)

Keywords: kress; sandkings; ufo; omni; sirius; shark; maryjo; mobiles; silicon; silicon valley; von braun; years ago; san francisco; palo alto; omni publications; living room; young men; lazarus long; fore people
Downloads: 1,874
[texts]Omni Magazine (January 1987)

Keywords: ihe; jewel; human; omni; robot; thai; tor; implicate; quantum; jewel ann; years ago; bill lawren; twenty years; quantum mechanics; soviet union; implicate order; air force; flying fish; video camera
Downloads: 1,179
[texts]Omni Magazine (November 1992)

Keywords: dna; gene; cyberpunk; genes; traveler; human; afterdeath; omni; space; dickie boy; forest service; carol hendrix; space station; project vote; genome project; afterdeath defined; vote smart; invisible bicycle; genetically engineered
Downloads: 1,113
[texts]Omni Magazine (December 1989)

Keywords: ihe; turner; thai; aids; omni; seymour; astrology; magnetic; tion; health care; alcohol abuse; air force; space shuttle; magnetic field; computer animation; young mother; years ago; three years; sherry baker
Downloads: 892
[texts]Omni Magazine (May 1980)

Keywords: omni; smith; ufo; ihe; josie; space; caltech; traveler; thai; years ago; time machine; nuclear power; manhattan project; power plant; technology assessment; ufo studies; sexual rehearsal; test tubes; time travel
Downloads: 1,440
[texts]Omni Magazine (February 1979)

Keywords: katje; ihe; weyland; ufo; hawking; omni; human; sam; tion; black holes; black hole; solar system; human beings; atlantic fisheries; science fiction; lake shore; rda system; long time; natural sciences
Downloads: 1,724
[texts]Omni Magazine (May 1981)

Keywords: omni; octopus; space; ihe; colonel; delphi; center; camden; orbit; science fiction; years ago; killing floor; outer space; labor day; kennedy institute; douglas colligan; chain bracelet; ten years; space colonies
Downloads: 2,714
[texts]Omni Magazine (April 1992)

Keywords: kautz; dna; intuition; intuitive; cai; cristoforo; tion; pcr; science; franklin mint; nuclear war; skim milk; mint precision; trance channeling; nuclear winter; national science; corvette sting; chess set; super conscious
Downloads: 988
[texts]Omni Magazine (August 1982)

Keywords: dhea; omni; ihe; hupp; beckett; lepikov; dna; nasa; foss; agent orange; soviet union; years ago; warsaw pact; red army; randy cohen; clinical trials; air force; space shuttle; science fiction
Downloads: 1,178
[texts]Omni Magazine (October 1980)

Keywords: henry; ihe; omni; barlow; human; micah; ufo; thai; space; los angeles; years ago; organic matter; space shuttle; twenty years; real estate; human beings; game board; ufo education; movie newsreels
Downloads: 1,498
[texts]Omni Magazine (March 1995)

Keywords: ufo; indigenous; internet; omni; tion; air; native; hiv; sideshow; air force; open book; project blue; blue book; native american; steve nadis; space station; power pyramid; indigenous peoples; carnival diablo
Downloads: 1,736
[texts]Omni Magazine (December 1990)

Keywords: ufo; tion; omni; alien; circles; researchers; nasa; seti; ment; air force; green men; alien almanac; remote sensing; machine language; crop circles; years ago; working group; wolf creek; ufo working
Downloads: 1,011
[texts]Omni Magazine (January 1993)

Keywords: jackie; omni; cryonics; digital; neural; ence; human; hourglass; santa monica; ture; los angeles; cryonic suspension; science fiction; video phones; neural nets; space station; future society; human beings; compact cassette
Downloads: 1,091
[texts]Omni Magazine (October 1983)

Keywords: borovsky; space; laura; ihe; omni; coyne; nasa; kowal; spacelab; human beings; wolf lair; space shuttle; solar system; ten years; years ago; sherry baker; george eastman; three years; san francisco
Downloads: 1,075
[texts]Omni Magazine (September 1985)

Keywords: rice; omni; dowsing; defense; beckman; comet; dowsers; scientists; computer; prefrontal cortex; bill lawren; solar system; quantum physics; star wars; digital orrery; white meat; star trek; rain forest; marie antoinette
Downloads: 1,045
[texts]Omni Magazine (March 1982)

Keywords: ihe; reichenbach; lucid; keeva; genes; laforest; omni; thai; laberge; lucid dreams; body temperature; dark room; los angeles; life span; total solar; super paper; san diego; red blood; lucid dreaming
Downloads: 1,389
[texts]Omni Magazine (June 1994)

Keywords: warren; omni; ufo; human; murray; badd; dinosaurs; tion; wetlands; air force; badd theory; blood pressure; des plaines; andy warhol; ten years; murray cox; grand masters; fossil record; york city
Downloads: 1,169
[texts]Omni Magazine (November 1989)

Keywords: dream; ihe; lucid; omni; brandenberg; dreams; anders; tassi; waking; high lucid; space train; dream healer; high lucidity; dream therapist; solar system; ghost stories; lucid dreams; lucid dreaming; good stuff
Downloads: 956
[texts]Omni Magazine (June 1979)

Keywords: space; omni; ihe; judas; neutrinos; sherman; lukyan; dragons; dragon; crested butte; digit music; outer space; space law; three mile; space telescope; seal hunt; years ago; star trek; mile island
Downloads: 1,532
[texts]Omni Magazine (September 1991)

Keywords: personality; omni; thai; baulieu; scorecard; fusion; tion; penfield; cats; personality profile; cold fusion; individual category; carol grace; birth control; zoo cop; thai thai; sandy fritz; ten years; soviet union
Downloads: 988
[texts]Omni Magazine (November 1991)

Keywords: omni; interactive; cocks; guatemala; eclipse; tion; space; bronze; electronic; bronze age; maria paz; electronic games; video game; human rights; gregg keizer; years ago; ulu burun; street children; air force
Downloads: 995
[texts]Omni Magazine (December 1992)

Keywords: omni; lava; crater; volcano; ers; earth; computer; kilauea; zone price; peanut oil; linda marsa; star trek; science fiction; lucid dreaming; gregg keizer; data highway; paul mccarthy; money order
Downloads: 1,130
[texts]Omni Magazine (September 1992)

Keywords: hazeltine; fda; schone; walsach; drugs; omni; smart; tion; global; smart drugs; science books; amino acids; franklin mint; ball called; amino acid; wide variety; visual science; users claim; umes include
Downloads: 1,059
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